Site intro and MMORPG ranting

Hum, right then. How’s everyone doing? How am I you ask? Great! I haven’t had much to add to the news of the site since theres nothing really to post about except any updates I might have done to the site…which I did! 😛

I added a new intro to the site which I think looks pretty good…really fits into the name and I also added a bunch of tutorials and a new download…its a gamehacking patch for IDA which is worth checking out…has a mini tutorial inside it.

Also I do like to talk about something today…I don’t really rant about things…much…but lately this has been bothering me and it is online games (like muonline, conquer online, ragnarok) and cheaters!

To start off let me give a little background…I moderate forums on a few cheat sites ( cheat-core, xcheater and my own site ) lately I have seen an increase in idiots signing up for the forum and posting useless rambling with half-assed english posts about a few free MMORPG games requesting features like god mode, money hacks and what not. Not only that but they refuse to even find out if someone actually posted their question before so when I come back from work/study I will find the forums full with retards posting topics like “I FROM BRAZIL NED MUH HACKS” or “Hey i will pay you $300-$400.00 if you can make me this cheat” and the posts simply contain a bunch of random similes followed by their email address…and there’s literally rows of these topics which I have to clean everyday! What’s wrong with these morons? Are they this dumbfounded or do they simply lack grade 5 English skills to read something?

It doesn’t stop here though! Oh no!! Once you get idiots like this they, like magnets…will attract other idiots who think everyone on the net is a gullible fool and will download a file called muonlinehack.rar.exe and claiming “I tried this and i made over 200,000,000 in game money in one minute…its amazing!” or those people who say they are employees at the company that made the game and they will make some shitty yellow on red html page on geoshities or anglefire where they will ask you to enter your user/pass for the game and what you wanted added to your account…hello? Who the fuck are you kidding there bud. So in the name of humanity if you see someone post on how they need cheats for some online game do delete their post, submit their email to porn sites, abuse the little fuckers, report the post to a mod or the html page if they claim to be an employee of some game.

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